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Simplifies Visual Synthetic Data Acquisition.

Our adaptable, secure, and top-quality solutions elevate multiple industries, providing scalable technology that’s reshaping the entire field. Whether it’s fully live-streaming for all mapping environments or achieving the next level of data solutions, a basic workstation is all you need to step into the future.

Our Milestones

Technical Roadmap

Stage 01Week 2, October 2023
Stage 02Week 4, November 2023
Stage 03Quarter 1, 2024

Our Vision

Accelerating Computer Vision with AI Data Generation

At Sigmawave, we believe that Visual Synthetic Data has the power to drive cost savings, accelerate development, improve AI model performance, and enhance safety across a multitude of industries. 

With our proprietary technology, we are committed to leading the way in data generation and advancing the potential of AI. 

Join us in shaping the future of technology and data utilization.

Our Innovation

Empowering Faster and Smarter AI Capabilities

With our groundbreaking Terra Builder technology, we’ve transformed the collection of Visual Synthetic Data, turning what used to take months into mere minutes.

This innovative approach ensures that our clients enjoy an effortless workflow with unbeatable results when comparing Visual Synthetic Data to real data.

Our Solution

Powering Computer Vision Applications

Sigmawave leads the way in transforming data challenges into boundless opportunities.

Efficiency Unleashed

Sigmawave’s Terra Builder technology swiftly converts data collection from a time-consuming process that took months into a streamlined operation that now takes mere minutes.

Scalable and Precise Automation

The platform seamlessly scales to meet your data needs, with RobotAL, our proprietary technology, automating data labeling and organization, simplifying data management like a helpful assistant.

Data Security and Customization

Sigmawave places a strong emphasis on data security, ensuring zero privacy and safety concerns, much like locking your front door for peace of mind.

Industry Empowerment

These solutions empower a range of industries, from security and military applications to safety protocols, delivering cost-efficiency, faster development, improved model performance, and enhanced safety using our exclusive engineering blueprints and ‘Neural Rendering’ technology.

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