Surveillance System

for Businesses

Eclipse Goes Above and Beyond

Creating a Safer and More Secure Monitoring System, Fostering a Secure Environment for All

Behaviours & Object Detection

Eclipse excels at human behaviour and object identification, providing confidence scores and associated metadata like position, and attributes. Its rule-based engine allows for camera-based event triggers, such as motion, intrusion area, line crossing, tailored to specific detection capabilities.

Post Estimation

With Eclipse you are able to select multiple areas and find out how people moved during specified time intervals. It uniquely identifies and tracks objects in order to eliminate irrelevant alerts. This includes determining the direction of traffic flow and provides alerts for suspicious movement path.


With Eclipse’s geofencing, it is more easier to create virtual boundaries to monitor and receive alerts for objects or individuals entering or exiting specific areas. It enhance security and tracking capabilities for facilities and assets with this added layer of control and situational awareness.

Hand Tracking

Harnessing advanced computer vision algorithms, Eclipse empowers precise real-time detection and tracking of human hands including gesture recognition, virtual reality interactions, and augmented reality experiences, delivering control and interactivity to user interfaces, and immersive technologies.

What Can You Do with Eclipse

End-to-End Advanced Video Analytics Solution

Dynamic Action Detection

“Eclipse” accurately detects and classifies objects and humans using agile detection models, enabling precise identification and tracking.

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

“Eclipse” uses robust tracking algorithms to continuously track objects and person re-identification accurately and persistently in real-time, even in challenging environments.

Intelligent Analytics and Insights

“Eclipse” extracts meaningful insights for movement patterns, behavior, and interactions, supporting crowd management, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.

How Eclipse Can Achieve Your Business Goals

Contributing Safety and Security Monitoring Systems

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Streamlines safety and security monitoring, delivering real-time insights and alerts for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

More Effective 
Management System

More Effective Management System

Integrating seamlessly with your management system, reducing errors, enhancing decision-making, incident response, and risk mitigation.

End-to-End System

Customizable End-to-End System

Integrating seamlessly with your management system, reducing errors, enhancing decision-making, incident response, and risk mitigation.

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