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What is Visual Synthetic Data?

Visual synthetic data involves the generation of images and videos, typically achieved through a generative model that mirrors the latent properties of real-world data.

Visual Synthetic Data refers to artificially generated images and videos that closely resemble real-world data. These synthetic data sets are typically created using generative models, which aim to replicate the visual characteristics and patterns found in actual images or videos. Visual synthetic data is often used in various applications, such as training machine learning models, testing algorithms, or augmenting datasets, providing a cost-effective and versatile way to enhance and expand data resources for a wide range of computer vision and image processing tasks.

How Can You Use Visual Synthetic Data?

Discover How You Can Use Visual Synthetic Data:

Data Augmentation

Elevate your AI and machine learning models with a wealth of diverse, cost-effective synthetic data. We help you train your models for unparalleled performance.

Privacy and Security

Rest easy knowing that sensitive data is safe. Use synthetic data for testing and development without the fear of privacy breaches.


Say goodbye to costly data collection processes. Synthetic data is an affordable, scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Benchmarking and Testing

Unearth the true potential of your solutions by benchmarking against synthetic data with a known ground truth.

Simulation and Training

Redefine the limits of technology. Simulate real-world environments for robotics, autonomous vehicles, and virtual reality innovation.

Benefits of Visual Synthetic Data

At Sigmawave, we turned Months into Minutes

Visual Synthetic Data collection and labeling are scalable

Automatic labeling and annotation of Visual Synthetic Data with RobotAL

Zero Privacy and safety issues

Visual Synthetic Data is programmable and customizable

Enabling rapid output of Visual Synthetic Data at high fidelity

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At Sigmawave, we’re committed to taking your machine learning projects to the next level. Our expertise in visual synthetic data customization ensures that your models are trained on data that’s a perfect fit for your computer vision applications. This results in higher accuracy, faster development, and more cost-efficient projects.

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